The Dress a Girl Foundation involves women all across the country who sew clothes that are then given to girls that  would otherwise be unable to have a nice dress. To date the foundation has delivered over 450,000 dresses to girls in over 82 countries, including the 125 dresses supplied  for the Mango Foundations latest trip to Swaziland.  The Big Island is lucky enough to have two ambassadors to the program. Lynn is located in West Hawaii and Jen is located in East Hawaii.

Maui AIDS Foundation​ and the ​Hawaii Island AIDS Foundation stives to improve the sexual health of the community by education, testing, support, and providing services such as a food pantry to its clients. Tim Duerler has given several talks about HIV and nutrition support for the organization and will be giving a speech at the upcoming World AIDS Day event on December 1st, 2016. Maui AIDS Foundation, Hawaii Island AIDS Foundation, and Mango Foundation all collaborate on fundraising efforts and have been working together on a grant proposal for a telehealth outreach program about HIV and other health related services.

A Spring of Hope strives to address the underlying reasons why children are unable to attend schools: a lack of access to water, food, and sanitation. To address this issue, they have been working to install boreholes in rural schools, set up permaculture gardens, and to install Enviro-loo facilities that replace unsanitary pit latrines. Mango Foundation has worked with A Spring of Hope to install a borehole. In the future they hope to work with the organization to provide medical staff to schools. Lack of medical attention is another barrier to completing education.

Leon McLaughlin founded the Clean Water Foundation  after learning about the 1 billion people who lack access to clean water and the serious health effects that stem from this. Since the time of the organization's inception, Leon has tirelessly worked to supply clean water to people in Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Haiti. He has recently partnered with the Mango Foundation to supply clean water to Swaziland.

ACTS II Clinic ​was modeled after the ACTS clinic in South Africa. This clinic provides support for those living with HIV through the distribution of medicines, providing voluntary HIV testing, and assisting support groups. They also provide support for other areas of concern for the patients, such as mother and child health. Mango Foundation sustains ACTS endeavors by providing funding for clinic staff, medications, and funding for the  World AIDS Day/World TB Day events that promote awareness of these diseases. Due to the lack of internet access where this clinic is located there is no website.

Based out of Utah, Hybridlight specializes in using solar technology to make flashlights, headlamps, latners , etc all with charging capability. These products are able to hold their charge for years, which makes them suitable for both camping and emergency situations.  Hybridlight and community schools are collaborating with  Mango Foundation in efforts to fundraise money for the  foundation as well as the school. The proceeds are split evenly between the two causes.

​​​​The Girl Rising Division ​strives to support girls in the quest for education. This important issue affects not only the female child, but future generations to come. A child born to a literate mother is twice as likely to survive to the age of five. This division has provided funds for several of the water purification units that Mango Foundation has provided to schools and clinics in Swaziland.  

Mango Foundation

New Hope Center provides a permanent home for orphaned and abandoned children In Swaziland. The center was established 10 years ago and now have 53 members of the Abraham family. The children are provided an education and a biblical foundation while they are encouraged to follow their dreams. Mango Foundation supports the efforts of the New Hope Centre by providing funding for the education, career advancement, and health of the children.

The ​ACTS Clinic ​provides a continuum of quality care and support to those with HIV/AIDS. A.C.T.S. is an actually an acronym for ​AIDS ​Care ​Training and Support Initiative. They provide home-based care; have a children's program, a cervical cancer and mother to child unit, an in-patient unit, gathers data about HIV/AIDS, provides HIV testing and medications as well as support groups to patients in need of those services. Tim Duerler has a long history of volunteering time at the clinic. The foundation is also hoping to collaborate further on water purification efforts. There is no official website to this clinic, however the link provides detailed information about their services.

"The lessons from the peace process are clear; whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load."

-Queen Elizabeth II​​

ACTS II Clinic, Swaziland