Mango Foundation

Molly Harris knew that Mango Foundation was where she wanted to direct her time and effort the moment she learned about it from the founders and her friends – Amy & Tim Duerler.  The overwhelming need and opportunity to effect change in Swaziland was profound and it allowed her to also improve the health of her local community of Waimea.  Molly moved to the Big Island in 1996, met her husband Patrick here and after an 8-year stint for work in Costa Rica where they had their daughter Ava – they’ve been back on island since 2010.  Molly has a background in healthcare and now works as a Realtor.  She has previously held the position of President of the Mango Foundation Board and currently serves as a volunteer coordinator for fundraising.  She spent time at New Hope Center in Swaziland with Amy and Tim in 2014 and most enjoyed getting to know the kids and teaching them hula!

Molly Harris

​Volunteer Coordinator