Current & Upcoming events

October 6, 2016 - Dr. Joel Fuhrman will speak at Tutu's House on Maximizing Late Life Health through Nutritional Excellence.

October 22, 2016 - Mango Foundation's 3rd Annual Fundraiser at the Water Falling Estate in Ninole.

December 1, 2016Tim Duerler will speak at the Maui AIDS Foundation World AIDS Day event.

December 2016 Mango Foundation will enter a tree in the Mauna Lani Charity Tree Competition.

​past events

July 8-15, 2016 - Mango Foundation will be in Swaziland, Africa for their annual outreach visit. This year's trip will focus on water purification. 

​July 18-22, 2016 -
 Mango Foundation will attend the 21st Annual International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

​May 14, 2016 ​- ​Mango Foundation participated in Hawaii's Hospitality Industry's 38th Annual Charity Walk.

​hope in action

Swaziland is currently experiencing high levels of drought that is affecting a quarter of the population and 300,000 people are requiring food assistance. These numbers will only increase because the next expected harvest is not until April 2017. South Africa (where some of Swaziland's food is imported from) is also experiencing high levels of drought, resulting high food prices due to low crop yields. The increased food costs will make it difficult for many people to buy food in the year to come. Drought also increases diseases such as diarrhea because there is a lack of access to safe water. Mango Foundation is collaborating with Clean Water Foundation to bring water filters that are able to filter 1 gal/minute in hopes to alleviate this problem.

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