Ways funds have been used

  • ​Dental care
  • Unexpected Diagnostic Testing (MRIs or CT scans)
  • Unexpected Surgical Procedures (appendectomy or tonsillectomy)

​health funds

Mango Foundation

​medical Funds

Emergencies happen. And the New Hope Centre is no exception. In America, when a child is ill you go to the local doctor. Unfortunately there are too few doctors and hospitals in the country (1 doctor for every 6,000 people). If an emergency arises that child needs to be taken to South Africa, the neighboring country. Dentists are even more scarce than doctors. As of 2004, Swaziland has only 17 dentists for the entire country. Taking a child to South Africa for medical work is expensive and unfortunately Swaziland's medical insurance does not work in South Africa. This means that travel, lodging, and a medical visit all has to be paid for out of pocket. The health of the children is important to New Hope Centre and to us. For this reason we have created the Medical Fund.